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David Tate | Microsoft .NET Developer
Greetings! I've been working on some interesting projects recently, while on assignment from Analytical Associates of Bethesda, Maryland, LLC.
But, the IT job market in our nation has taken a huge hit over the past few years and many .NET developers have lost their jobs, due, in part, to overseas outsourcing, the H-1B Visa Program and a reduction in the initiation of new projects.
As a longtime Microsoft developer, with many years of perspective, I am confident that we'll learn from these issues, adapt and move forward in our quest to continue to develop innovative, robust and reliable software applications.
After all, America invented computer software and I'm sure that we'll continue to produce the world's best applications.
And, of course, we're all still striving to support and proliferate the powerful .NET Framework, Visual Studio and the other great products from the Microsoft Developer Division.
So, email me here and I'll write back as soon as possible.
About David:
David Tate, Microsoft .NET Developer
David has been developing software for more years than he can remember, starting with the very first microprocessor-based computers in the 1970s.
Since then, he's designed both internal and commercial software for the Financial, Health Care and Communications industries, as Director of Analytical Associates of Bethesda, MD, USA.

David was raised in the Bethesda, MD area and was a graduate of Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School (class of 1970) and a longtime member of The Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce.

David has been developing software using Microsoft .NET technologies since 2001, including Visual Studio, C# and SQL Server.
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